Automatic generation and dispatch of media to customers, blocking points and forwarding solutions

Article from the presentation that should have been made for the International Women's Day in Nantes on March 19 and which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Marie Vaugoyeau

12 minutes read

The aim is to create a communication support for clients to see the evolution of their results compared to the data of other clients in the same category (Benchmark).
This support had to be generated and sent automatically to the customers.

Searching a first name for a child

Use of INSEE open data to find a first name corresponding to the chosen criteria

Marie Vaugoyeau

82 minutes read

The purpose of this article is to see how information corresponding to a certain number of criteria can be found in an open data file created by INSEE, the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies.

Principal Component Analysis

How I do Principal Component Analysis and choice of n factors

Marie Vaugoyeau

10 minutes read

With article about correlations, we saw data from airquality were correlated.
Sometimes it is need to use Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to determine non correlated variables in order to analyze data.
It is the subject of this blog article and especially, how many new variables were needed.