Start with the data

Check the distribution of data and relationship between factors

Marie Vaugoyeau

2 minutes read

After verifying that there is no one missprint in the data and before starting the true statistical analysis, I check the distribution of data and relationships between factors.

How I check the data

Check data to find misprints

Marie Vaugoyeau

3 minutes read

Actually I analyse data from a thesis which measure urbanisation’s influence on physicochemical characteristics. The PhD student sample water once by month during 2017 at seven spots around a lake.
I think it is a nice occasion to explain how I check the data when I received them.

My first article: A not fully crossed design

Statistical analyses for my first article published

Marie Vaugoyeau

7 minutes read

In 2015, I published the article: Is oxidative status influenced by dietary carotenoid and physical activity after moult in the great tit (Parus major)? about my first experimentation. In the aim to investigate on the relationship between dietary carotenoids, physical activity and oxidative status, I captured great tits and kept them in aviaries.
Initially, a cross design: with/without dietary carotenoids and with/without plucking primary feathers (to increase physical activity or not), was…