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Automatic generation and dispatch of media to customers, blocking points and forwarding solutions

Article from the presentation that should have been made for the International Women's Day in Nantes on March 19 and which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Marie Vaugoyeau

12 minutes read

The aim is to create a communication support for clients to see the evolution of their results compared to the data of other clients in the same category (Benchmark).
This support had to be generated and sent automatically to the customers.

Automate the opening of Excel files in R

How to automate the reading and opening of Excel file (or csv or other) in R

Marie Vaugoyeau

6 minutes read

It can happen that you have a folder full of data files (Excel or other) and you need to import several or even all of them into R.
Doing it by hand can be long, time-consuming and error-proneā€¦ so let R works.