The design of my logo

How I create my logo

Marie Vaugoyeau

2 minutes read

Today, I explain how I design my logo for the blog from the one drawn by Sébastien Rochette for my thesis and the method of traveling salesperson by Antonio S. Chinchón.
I use function writed by Evan Tachovsky.

The logo originally

For my blog, I chose to modify my thesis logo (I worked on blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus) and great tits (Parus major) to measure influence of urbanisation on birds reproduction).

The method of traveling salesperson

I used function writed by Evan Tachovsky and available on her github.


tspDraw <- function(raw_img, point_sample_size, line_color, back_color) {
  # load the image and get started
  raw_img <- load.image(raw_img)
  # get the sample points
  data <- raw_img %>%
    grayscale() %>%
    as.cimg() %>% %>%
    # adjust the point_sample_size variable to adjust the texture of the tsp image
    # smaller sample looks jagged, large sample looks smooth
    sample_n(size = point_sample_size, weight = (1 - value)) %>%
    select(x, y)
  # solve the tsp problem and return a data.frame with the values
  solution <- as.TSP(dist(data)) %>% 
    solve_TSP(method = "arbitrary_insertion") %>%
  order <- data.frame(id = solution) %>%
    mutate(order = row_number())
  # join the tsp solution 
  data_to_plot <- data %>%
    mutate(id = row_number()) %>%
    inner_join(order, by = "id") %>%
    arrange(order) %>%
    select(x, y)
  p <- ggplot(data_to_plot, aes(x, y)) +
    geom_path(color = line_color) +
    coord_fixed() +
    theme_void() +
    theme(plot.background = element_rect(fill = back_color))