Text-mining to create a word cloud representative of a PDF file

Text-mining with the package {tidytext}, word cloud with the package {wordcloud} and retrieving a list of words on the internet with the package {rvest}. All this in an article!

Marie Vaugoyeau

5 minutes read

When updating my CV, I wondered if the keywords used were representative of my skills.
And I admit, especially, I wanted to use the packages {rvest}, {tidytext} and {wordcloud} so GO!

Principal Component Analysis

How I do Principal Component Analysis and choice of n factors

Marie Vaugoyeau

10 minutes read

With article about correlations, we saw data from airquality were correlated.
Sometimes it is need to use Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to determine non correlated variables in order to analyze data.
It is the subject of this blog article and especially, how many new variables were needed.